EURAMET EMPIR 18HLT06 RaCHy Project: How the metrology can support Radiotherapy Coupled with Hyperthermia

EURAMET EMPIR 18HLT06 RaCHy –Radiotherapy Coupled with Hyperthermia- project is aimed at providing metrological support to achieve the maximum synergistic advantages in the integration of Radiotherapy Oncology with different hyperthermia techniques, based on

  •        High intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (TUS),
  •        Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR),
  •        Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs) excited by AC magnetic fields.

One of the main aims of this project is to experimentally demonstrate how the use of different sources to generate hyperthermia, combined with radiotherapy, could result in a successful treatment of the whole tumour.

This approach requires excellent knowledge and control of the temporal and spatial distributions of temperature increases, and of the radiation dose during and after the treatments.

RaCHy stakeholder workshop presenters

More than 50 people took part to the first project stakeholder workshop. Project activities have been presented to participants, and  feedback from the stakeholders concerning the appropriate tumour lines and biological endpoints for in vivo testing has provided inputs for the project.

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