• To develop heat delivery systems for hyperthermia treatments (TUS, EMR and MNPs) for use with radiotherapy. 2D and 3D measurement set-ups and validated modelling tools will be developed to estimate the spatial-temporal distribution of energy deposition (WP1).

  • To extend and better quantify temperature exposure evaluation associated with the energy deposited from radiotherapy combined with hyperthermia methods (TUS, EMR and MNPs), in in vivo (37°C to 50°C), in vitro and in silico systems with a target uncertainty of < 10 % (WP2).

  • To determine by in vitro and in vivo testing, using a metrological approach, the efficiency of combined therapies: radiotherapy plus hyperthermia and reverse combination. The spatial-temporal radiation-field characteristics are relevant for the combined radiotherapy/hyperthermia modalities, including radioactive magnetic nanoparticles for simultaneous radiation and heating (WP3).

  • To develop innovative analytical tools for biological assessment by using chemical metrology multimodal techniques as suitable non-invasive and non-ionising tissue diagnosis tools, and mass spectrometry combined with imaging modalities at nanometre resolution (WP4).

  • To facilitate the review of Biological Equivalent Dose (BED) concept related to the radiotherapy combined with hyperthermia. The role of control parameters such as the energy deposition in tissues, the radiation dose and the duration of the hyperthermia and/or radiation treatment will be taken into account (WP5).

of the project

To maximize the impact of the project, RaCHy is divided in two inter-connected macro-areas, namely INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNOLOGY and BIOMETROLOGY.
Most of the partners will work in at least two areas in order to ensure strong and constant communications among the sections.