EURAMET EMPIR 18HLT06 RaCHy Project: Radiotherapy coupled with hyperthermia
A combined approach for the treatment of tumours

The beneficial effects of combining hyperthermia, artificial raising of temperature to 40 – 45ºC, and radiotherapy are well known in cancer treatment. Recent laboratory studies have demonstrated the radiation dose can be more than halved if combined with hyperthermia thus maintain the same survival rate. This free workshop, which will be also streamed online, will see the participation of world leading researchers in the field of radiotherapy and hyperthermia, and the most important metrology institutes in Europe to discuss the latest developments and the measurement challenges involved in the treatment. They will be joined by a selected committee of stakeholders representing clinics, pre-clinics and Oncology Institutes.

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Due to covid restrictions the room capacity will be limited to 25 seats.
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